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Water Drops
Steven Brewer | Co-Founder

Steven Brewer has over two decades of experience in building sales and marketing companies that have brought overall efficiencies and market differentiators to the public. Mr. Brewer has a proven track record of cultivating and growing business entities and developing sales organizations as well as bringing revolutionary technology to pre-existing marketplaces. 

Through innovative products and organizational structures, Mr. Brewer built one of the country’s largest Introducing Brokers in the commodities markets as well as built large field marketing organizations in the insurance and financial services markets. More recently, Steven was a founder in The Power Company, a deregulated energy broker that acquired over 500,000 customers in less than six years as well as Activus Energy Advisors, an energy efficiency and supply company. Steven’s responsibilities included the development and implementation of overall corporate strategies including business development, and joint ventures.

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