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WaveLytix: Internet of H20


WaveLytix Internet of H20 combines The Wave Valve to lower water usage with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor, analyze, predict and detect water leaks real-time and 24-7 to lower water utility costs and improve water efficiency.

Real-Time Monitoring

  • 24-7 water monitoring

  • Access water data securely from anywhere

  • Real-time alerts for high water consumption and leaks

Water Analytics to Minimize Water Waste

  • Analyze water usage patterns hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly to minimize water waste

  • Compare water usage consumption across locations

Protects Your Property

  • Lowers insurance costs with water leak detection

  • Increases the service life of plumbing system components and reduces risks of water leaks

Professional Installation

• WaveLytix handles the entire install process



Script-How WaveLytix Measures Water Savings v1.jpg

1. Survey & Analysis of the Property

2. Install the WaveLytix Internet of H2O


3. Install The Wave Valve and Bypass System

4. Quantify the Water Savings of The Wave Valve System

5. 24-7 Monitoring

6. Data Collection to the WaveLytix Cloud

7. Water Analytics Dashboard

8. Share of Water Utility Savings

Water Efficiency and Leak Detection
Water Usage Analytics.jpg
Water Analytics Dashboard
Data in the Cloud
Real time monitoring
Quantify the Water Savings
Survey & Analyze Water Usage
WaveLytix Internet of H2O
Install the Wave Valve
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