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WaveLytix Helps Customer Prevent Major Water Leak

In late September, Forest Oak Apartments in Shreveport, Louisiana became a WaveLytix Water Ambassador. The owners and managers had the WaveLytix water efficiency system installed on their property in order to save water and lower their water costs.

The Wavelytix team installed the Wave Water Efficiency Valve at Forest Oaks in less than an hour and Forest Oaks is experiencing savings over 20% on their water bills without any noticeable change in water pressure for their residents.

The team also installed the WaveLytix Water Monitor. The monitor's cutting-edge technology allows customers to track their water usage in real-time on the dashboard and automatically sends alerts to the property manager if a potential leak is detected. The Forest Oak Apartment managers now have a way to save water throughout their property and a way to track water usage anytime from anywhere on a computer or smartphone.

Seven days after the installation, the WaveLytix Water Monitor detected a spike in water usage in the building and alerted the building manager. The building manager immediately called the plumber, who discovered and repaired a domestic line break located in 20’ of pipe hidden beneath a sidewalk.

“Thanks to WaveLytix, we were able to minimize the leak, saving both water and money,” said the Portfolio Project Manager. In fact, Forest Oak Apartments saved an estimated $4,654 and prevented up to 358,000 of freshwater from being wasted in October.

“We are always excited when we can help our clients avoid expensive water leaks, and help our clients save water,” said Chad Habegger, VP of Operations at WaveLytix. "That is our company mission."




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