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Juan Carlos Bocos Sr. | Co-Founder

Juan Carlos Sr. is co-founder FluidLytix. As chief engineering officer of FluidLytix, Juan Carlos co-manages innovation and manufacturing. He is a mechanical engineer and responsible for co-managing the innovation and manufacturing process for the company. Previously, he worked for CEPIL for 10 years—at the time the only plastic injection factory in Latin America located in Cuba. During his tenure there, he developed new technologies applied in the plastic injection industry, achieving national honors as inventor. He immigrated to the United States in 1997 and developed PMP, an insightful system for swimming pool safety. Juan Carlos founded PMP Corp in 2004 to market and distribute the product globally.

In 2007, he began the development of the first product iteration of the water saving valve branded WAVE (Water Air Volume Efficiency). He received the patent in 2009. He co-founded JCB New Technology LLC with Juan Carlos Bocos Vilar in 2011 in order to create new designs of WAVE Valve—managing to increase the performance and quality of the product. In 2016 the development of the electronic system of WAVE began—which is currently entering the test phase of the product development process.

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