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Gregory Shiffner has over 30 years of business experience in numerous private and public
endeavors, domestically and internationally, which has enabled him to establish a formidable
strategic business network that includes clients and contacts within the government and private
sector. Greg has received several national awards for his philanthropic work and has been a
keynote speaker for 3 years at the African Caribbean Business Council bringing EE and RE
technologies to various member countries of the ACBC.

Shiffner was CEO of SAS Global working with the VA commission and DOD, President of Elite
Services delivering over $800 million in real estate projects over twelve years. He was also
President of Effective Education, an educational training company operating on the CSE.
Mr. Shiffner was a motivational speaker for over 7 years teaching Business Goal Setting and
Success Principles for several of the world’s largest MLM and Public companies helping to build
large scaled sales and distribution networks.

Greg served as a board member for Children’s Cancer, Parkinson Disease and F.I.S.T.  He also
served on the Presidential Council of Business and received several National Leadership
Awards. In 2007 he received the NJ Distinguished Honored Citizen Award and named a lifetime
member of the New Jersey Honor Legion. Greg is a passionate member of the USTA and NTRA
for 25 yrs. breeding and racing horses.

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