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Cheryl Arts | Co-Founder

With more than 25 years of experience in Sales & Marketing, Cheryl Arts served as Managing Partner of Chicago-based The Power Company. Ms. Arts was responsible for managing Sales and Marketing of The Power Company corporate channel. Cheryl has over two decades of a proven track record of building sales divisions through innovative cross-selling initiatives, key account management approaches, targeted marketing campaigns and cultivating strategic alliances. Ms. Arts directs and manages short and long-term marketing strategies, develops and integrates new account acquisitions and distribution channels, and identifies key relationships that lead to profitable relationships. Ms. Arts has consulted with and secured many of the larger corporate clientele.

In addition, Cheryl has passionately donated her time as a volunteer for pediatric cancer foundation, Bear Necessities, for over a decade. Her focus is on Bear Hugs, which consists of special, customized requests from children with cancer. For her efforts and the hundreds of “Small Miracles” she has orchestrated, Cheryl has earned the organizations’ MVP Award as well as Volunteer of the Year on a number of occasions. Cheryl is a member of the International Women’s Leadership Association and the National Association of Professional Women. Cheryl earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Indiana University.

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